Our Team

Peter Hunt - Director and General Manager

Peter Hunt is a registered builder (B/L – 10170) who has over 30 years of building and construction experience.  He has a comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the building industry. 

Peter has been awarded numerous accolades for his dedication to quality building works, including commendations from Derbyshire Greenwatch and English Heritage.

Peter has worked for a variety of organisations including his own company as a registered building contractor, some of which include, JCP Constructions, Ventura Homes, and Multiplex.  Peter has extensive knowledge and experience in heritage and conservation works, having worked on projects like the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Supreme Court, Governement House, Wardens House in Coolgardie, Perth Oval Entrance for Town of Vincent and many others.

As a Director for the CPD Group, Peter had the opportunity to head the construction of the award winning ABC Radio Studio in Broome. The modern, energy efficient building was designed to withstand severe cyclonic conditions as well as having acoustically engineered ceilings and walls throughout the buildings interior.
A second award winning project that Peter managed was the Perth Zoo Eco-toilet. The Eco-toilet takes the phrase ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ literally, with the materials selected chosen to minimize the environmental impact caused from construction, as well as to provide a sustainable future. This construction project has taken full advantage of the latest technologies in low-flush toilet bowls, waterless urinals and water saving devices to ensure water usage is minimised where possible. The facility also uses minimal electricity with passive lighting and ventilation due to high open ceilings and air insulated roof panels. Peter hopes to encorporate these energy saving ideas into other projects wherever possible.

Peter is a Martial Arts teacher which reflects not only in the name of the company but also in its performance. Budo is a Japanese term describing a form of martial arts. Literally translated it means, “Spirit of the Warrior” or the “Way of the Spirit”. This refers to the idea of formulating propositions, subjecting them to philosophical analysis and then following a 'path' to realize them. This is not unlike the building process of devising plans, assessing them then following the process to complete the contract. Budo Group hopes to channel the “spirit of the warrior” in the development and performance of the company.