The Budo Group can provide a range of building services for government and commercial buildings. 


Past Commercial builds managed by Peter Hunt, while at the CPD Group, include the ABC Radio Station in Broome and the Eco-toliet at Perth Zoo which both won a 2011 Master Builders Excellence in Construction Award, a first for the CPD Group.

ABC Radio Station

Construction Manager: Peter Hunt
Architect: Brewster Murray
Building Company: CPD Group

As construction manager, Peter had the responsibility of ensuring that this modern, energy efficient building was constucted according to plan. Being a radio station, the floors and walls were constructed to ensure the prevention of any noise leakages. The studio partitions consisted of double timber framed assemblies, double plasterboard sheeting on the inside of cavities, double glazing of windows and the acoustic insulation of below ground cable trenches and penetrations.

The building was constructed with the intentions of withstanding severe cyclonic conditions, complying with Building Standards of Australia (BCA) Level 4 specifications for post disaster function. The buildings structural and framing elements have been designed to withstand wind pressures and projectile impact, based on Region C of AS 1170.

The structure is HD galvanised and encompasses suspended concrete floors, satellite deck, parapet walls and steel structure framing. The internal elements are designed to strict architectural specifications and consist of core filled block and timber framed walls.

Perth Zoo Eco-Toilet

Construction Manager: Peter Hunt
Architect: Chindarsi Architects
Building Company: CPD Group

This state-of-the-art, ecofriendly facility comprises of three separate, however adjoining, single story structures; consisting of a Parents Block, Disabled Toilet Block and a Unisex Toilet Block. This facility is the forefront of sustainable design in the region, by blending modern technology with local and recycled ecofriendly materials.

Materials selected have been specifically chosen to minimize the environmental impact of construction by reducing off-cuts and wastage. Any off-cuts were reused by the Zoo wherever possible. The concrete blocks used to create the walls have a reduced embodied energy compared to that of traditional brick as they are poured and not kiln fired. Embodied energy refers to energy taken to produce a product as well as the energy represented in the product itself. The concrete floor has also been filled with recycled material. Utilizing concrete instead of traditional tiles means that less water and cleaning products will be used as water can run straight into the surrounding garden beds. Overall this product has adopted various sustainable and ecofriendly materials all of which have been locally sourced in blending in with the surrounding environment.