Here at Budo we can design and build any style of home and build it from the many different materials and finishes available.

New Homes

We believe that a home should be designed firstly around the needs of the clients and secondly around the block size and shape.

Many people visit project builder show home displays, looking for a home that they might like that will fit on a block they have previously purchased. Or they buy a house they might like and then try to find a block to fit it on. We believe that you should have an idea of a home prior to purchasing a block, but not a final design. You should purchase a block in an area where you want to live, taking into account the things that are important to you, such as schools, shops, the beach, views, access to transport, and perhaps a bushed area to name just a few.

When you have a concept, you can then purchase a block and Budo Group can design your home to suit that block. Many features need to be taken into account, such as the slope of the block and its aspect and its shape. This is the best way to take advantage of the size and shape of your block, maximizing its use for you.

What this creates is a unique home that not only provides you with exactly what you want but also has a greater value than a similar sized home in the same area. Peter and his team have built homes that have been designed to suit the environment, such as a farm style home in Boddington, a cellar door style home at a vineyard in Margaret River, a solar passive designed home in North Fremantle and family modern style homes in Perth’s suburbs.